At Lincoln Singing Lessons our tutors are not only experienced performers, they have plenty of experience in coaching children and adults at all levels. We use the best methods to bring out the very best in our young singers, setting them up technically for a life-time of healthy vocal production. Our classes are designed to encourage students to become individual performers, supported by solid technical training in posture, breathing, projection, harmony and ensemble work. The sessions are broken up into vocal warm up, technique and performance based preparation. Whatever you are looking for from the vocal classes we can guarantee enjoyable top quality sessions taught by industry professionals.

With our youngest students, the main focus is on enjoying singing, learning the meaning of the song, how important the lyrics are and being able to present a song to an audience.

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Children will be taught correct singing techniques, breathing, posture, projection and song interpretation, they will learn about the different voices in females and males and there are always plenty of opportunities to perform. The sessions are broken up into vocal warm up, technique and performance based preparation.

Many of our advanced students who want to go onto full time training will be taught how to audition for stage schools, working on audition technique and how to present themselves during an audition situation.

Lincoln Singing Lessons Telephone/Text:  07597093884

At Lincoln Singing Lessons our tuition is designed to teach your child the skills needed to strengthen and control the voice, whilst remaining fun and enjoyable. The voice is still developing as we grow through our teenage years so finding suitable exercises is very important. Singing technique is also combined with ‘song practice’ with songs that are chosen by the student.

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