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Lincoln Singing Lessons Telephone/Text:  07597093884

Lincoln Singing Lessons focus on building healthy vocal technique, allowing for a life-time of healthy vocal production, providing the singer with the freedom to get up and down their range with ease and sing in any style (pop, rock, musical theatre, etc).​

Technically, emphasis is placed on having a relaxed and stable larynx, which leaves the vocal cords free to function in a natural fashion and working through the bridges in the voice. Lincoln Singing Lessons specializes particularly in working with young performers suffering from vocal strain and sore throats (caused mostly by belting and pulling of the chest), vocal rehabilitation, and bringing about rapid improvements in young people who may have lacked much singing experience.

Many of our advanced students who want to go onto full time training will be taught how to audition for stage schools, working on audition technique and how to present themselves during an audition situation.

Lincoln Singing Lessons Telephone/Text:  07597093884

Be sure to get a good teacher if you're serious about developing your skills. Voice coaches will be able to give you really good feedback in real time, as well as tips and tricks. They will set a schedule for you and help you meet goals that you set for yourself. A voice coach is absolutely essential for anyone who wants to seriously become a singer.

Lincoln Singing Lessons will help you sing the music you love at your very best. From your first session you can relax knowing you will be singing the music of your choice and knowing you'll be given the most up-to-date techniques from some of the most inspiring vocal coaches. 

In most cases when people say they can’t sing, it’s more likely they don’t know how to use their voice; their instrument.

Imagine taking a music lesson for the first time. Imagine your favorite instrument was violin. The first time you pull the bow across the strings a horrible screeching sound emits from the violin. Awful! It’s not that you're inherently terrible at playing the violin; it’s just that you don’t yet have the skills to play it.

If you continue to take lessons and don’t give up after your first try, you will begin to see improvements. The same sort of dedication and work is required to develop your voice. 

Instead of assuming that you’re tone deaf or lack talent, realize that you may just need some coaching from a teacher trained to recognize your vocal challenges and help you get past your supposed limitations. Your voice can change and get better!